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Taylor gang or drink and drive(die)!

Now this post! This post right here? This post is loooooong overdue!!!!  Granted nows the time considering the release of his new album, but its long overdue in terms of it being published on this blog, especially by me, a die-hard Taylor(fan), even though I don’t wear Chuck Taylor /All Star kicks.

Anyway, I’d like to start by saying that this is an artist im close to unhealthily obsessed with so, forgive me now for any psycho tendencies n references. I can’t help myself sometimes. Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce to you the undisputed rookie of 2010 and hard-working, persistent resilient artist known as Wiz Khalifa! The name Wiz coming from him being referred to as a wiz when he was a youngblood, coz he was great at everything he did and Khalifa meaning successor in arabic.

So here’s the thing with Wiz: he’s young, 23 to be exact, fresh, talented, seemingly transparent about himself and his lifestyle and what looks to be unshakingly confident in his work and self.  For those reasons alone , it was inevitable that I was going to enjoy and like him, but then I decided to really (and I say really coz I’d heard a couple of tracks of his before but I never really took him too seriously , I felt his beats were stronger than what he was bringing to the table rhymes-wise) school myself on this kid and his work over a long weekend to myself with all the necessary ingredients. To say i was blown away is merely an understatement. What I did on this particular weekend was download Deal or No Deal, Kush and Orange Juice, Flight School and Star Power. Like I said i had listened to a few tracks but wasnt entirely convinced but after my own private 3 day listening session I couldn’t deal. literally, couldn’t deal.

It turned out that that wasnt enough time for what I was listening to. I skimmed over a couple of tracks and re-visited them at a later stage nd found myself yet again, struggling to control my joy and utter glee at what i was experiencing. To this day, i still go back and listen to those mixtapes and album over and over and sometimes it feels like it’s the first time im hearing them.

I must make it clear that Wiz Khalifa is a bit of an acquired taste. Not everyone is gonna enjoy or relate to his stuff. I do, immensely, more so because he’s my age, he’s ambitious, focused, talented and along with that drive, extremely positive and chilled out. You feel that instantly when you hear his music. Just straight up positive energy. Plus, it seems, we choose to recreationally experience our lives in a similar way. 🙂 His content is mainly rooted in money, ambition, smoking and women. I mean, what 23 yr old wouldn’t be focused on that kind of life. Plus now that he’s dating Amber Rose, and has apparently tatted her name on his hand, hes only bound to give us more insight on the good life. I mean that chick is on another level of hott. Her style is sick. I hope Kanye isnt salty, coz he and Wiz need to get on some tracks or even just remixes together.


For those hip hop fans out there, if u appreciate hip hop in all it forms, take some time out for this guy. His production is actually just childish it’s so amazing! The people he teams up with are a force! There times when I wish I could just listen to Deal or No Deal in particular just as an instrumental. I cant even begin to explain this in a way that can make you really understand what im saying so im just going to name a coupla busting tracks that production-wise go HAAAARD! I’m definitely going to look over some, by mistake obviously, coz there so many. More recently I must say, Homicide featuring Chevvy Woods is crazy. That and Taylor Gang are both from his last mixtape Cabin Fever and they just stay on repeat in my whip(car) when im feeling gully.  He recently did a remix to Homicide with Young Jeezy which I must say does not disappoint either. Do yourself best and do that for yourself. Off his most recent album which was released on the 29th March (Taylor 9th) called Rolling Papers,  i do think No Sleep and On My Level are memorable beats, but the best track by far on that album has got to be THE RACE!!! It just an all-round sick track. One of his best ever.

I do feel that most people will prefer Kush and Orange juice out of all his work. That mixtape is like a well thought about album. It felt like he took his time with it and that it just happened organically. There very few song off that mixtape that I skip when I listen to it. The intro and outro are just beautiful. They completely set the tone for where he’s about to take you as a listener and u really do feel like ur being welcomed to his mind for just over and hour. mesmerized is a guaranteed winner, with him exercising his confidence with the ladies. The Statement and Visions are my favourites, Spotlight is an easy chilled track that’s great to drive to , Up is a quintessential song for the stoners , Still Blazin as well with a bit of a reggae influence, Never Been has a hard beat that’s also soothing and In the Cut is a bubbly track about Mary-Jane.  On the whole, it’s just a well-round offer and I would go as far as to say it a classic.

So coz i can go on about this forever, what ill do it just list what I find to be his greatest tracks that anyone looking to hear him out should get into. I’ll try to keep them as varied as I possibly can.

If ur not a major fan and havent really listened to too much of his stuff and Black and Yellow is as far as you know, coz it was on mtv and you like ur commercial stuff, do yourself a favor an get Rolling Papers by Wiz or just check out his featured tracks, one of  my favourites being his verse on Diddy Dirty Moneys “I know” off Last Train To Paris. His latest offering is not too heavily rooted in hardcore rap influences, its pretty chilled and if you’ve seen Roll Up, the video with Cassie that’s been making its rounds on the music channels, then ull enjoy Rolling Papers. One critic named Wiz as a Pop-rap artist. I see where he’s coming from but I disagree, with that being said, Rolling Papers is a commercial success. Despite the untrue rumours that were going round that he only sold 6k copies in his 1st week and that Soulja Boy sold more than him, the album is a success so far having sold almost 200 000 copies in these last 7 days. Congrats my nigg.

I do think  people do need to understand that mixtapes are so much easier to make as an artist, there’s a sense of freedom that comes with a mixtape coz u can do whatever with it, uses a lot of covers and samples, and not worry about technicalities and label restraints, so it’s almost guaranteed that one could enjoy a mixtape more than an album. Plz plz plz ppl, go do yourself best and cop this kids album.  Then do the ultimate bust for yourself and download Kush and Orange Juice and Deal Or No Deal. Allow him in and see how much more relaxed and happy you’ll feel.




Nitpicking the noms.

It begins. Awards season.

Ever had one of those tattoo dreams (by that I mean a normal recurring dream when you sleep, AND, a dream as in a moment in pictures of your goals being achieved rolled into 1) that literally has been as consistent throughout your entire life  as your brushing-teeth-getting-dressed-checking-yourself-in-the-mirror-before-you-leave morning routine? Well, mine is Hollywood Awards Season with me featuring hard. Busting so hard in fact that even I cant take it. Busting dresses, busting hair, busting shoes, busting events BUT more importantly, the moment when one gets recognised for their hard work, long hours and emotionally taxing but immensely rewarding work as an actor/actress.

Kicking off the season for the most part is The Golden Globes.  The Golden Globes is the 3rd most important awards ceremony, in my opinion, with The Grammys and Oscars taking the lead obviously but the Hollywood Foreign Press(the homies who decide who and what gets nominated and who wins) sometimes royally bug me out. I mean their choices sometimes make me question who is on the board and who/what their connections are to the nominated tv shows and films. I guess I should get over myself coz at the end of the day they are all Journalists so they been covering their stars and I guess they feel the people they nom are worthy of the reward.

Obviously, Hollyhood is a business and it’s not all entire about honouring excellence in tv and film but there times when they literally do nuts. This year there’s some obvious nuts that I just don’t get. But whatevs, we’ll get there. What I do know is, their entertainment industry busts hard and consistently gives them plenty amazeballs work to consequently enjoy and choose from, so there is no excuse to honour nuts at the end of the day. *sigh*

So, let’s get into it.  Here are the noms. I’m going to strikethrough all the “losers”(who aren’t really losers coz everything is of excellence in one way or another) and put the ones I WANT to win in bold, therefore leaving the one I assume the HFP(Hollywood Foregin Press). Start it up!*swizzy n llyod banks n kanyeezy voice*

Disclaimer: Granted as much as I tried in the last couple of days to watch as many nominated films as possible, I couldn’t get all of the ones that matter so my opinion will be somewhat flawed and biased but hay, entertainment and performance are subjective anyway so I guess im fine! 🙂


Toni Collete – United States of Tara
Edie Falco – Nurse Jackie
Tina Fey –  30 Rock
Laura Linney – The Big C
Lea Michele – Glee

So clearly I want Laura Linney to win and I think she will coz she is pure magnificence. She never disappoints and I managed to hook up a little of The Big C. I definitely need to see more but anyone who can make Cancer(see what I did there?) funny is absolute genius. In the little I saw I managed to find myself laughing and crying at the same time. But then again, what did I expect? The woman stays busting and is one of the most underrated actresses. But that might be coz most people my age would find her work a bit boring. Get on it kids, she fiiya!

Laura Linney The Big C




The Pacific
Pillars of the Earth
Temple Grandin
You Don’t Know Jack

Zero opinion whatsoever here as i have seen any of these, literally. Not one.


“Bound to You” –  Burlesque
“Coming Home” –  Country Strong
“I See the Light” – Tangled
“There’s a Place For Us” – The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Treader
“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”-  Burlesque

Only seen Burlesque and as much as I have opinions about Cher n Chistinas work, ill leave that till I review it when its been released at the cinema here. Hahaha. But I still think Narnia will take it. They like em epic situations. Epic in the actual sense of the word.



Alec Baldwin – 30 Rock
Steve Carrell – The Office
Thomas Jane – Hung
Matthew Morrison – Glee
Jim Parsons – The Big Bang Theory

I really don’t bust over Hung hay. Never have, don’t think I will soon. Plus, as much as I wanted to bust for Glee, I just don’t think Matt Morrison (as cute and talented as he is) could and should beat the amazeballness that is Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock. This man staaaays killing me. Wow. Kudos.

He just kills me. Alec in 30 Rock


Julianna Margulies –  The Good Wife
Katey Segal – The Sons of Anarchy
Kyra Sedgwick –  The Closer
Piper Perabo – Covert Affairs
Elisabeth Moss –  Mad Men

Mad Men Cast

FINALLY!!!! My word! How long did it take them? Elisabeth Moss has been so on point on Mad Men its unbelievable. Granted, she’s not the only one that busts on the show, she’s still really really good and im happy they finally giving her a chance. Yay! But I still think they’ll go for Julianna who I wont lie, I get so bored by in The Good Wife. It’s just not enough for me. Now can we have a moment for Piper Perabo?!? REALLY??? Incase anyones confused, this is the girl who gave us the oh so genius and award-winning work that is Coyote Ugly! Yep! Coyote Ugly! Now I am by no means opposed to growth as an actress but let’s be honest, there’s always going to be something somewhat childish about her acting. Honestly. Lets get serious HFP, this is nuts personified in one person dancing on a bar getting water and beer soaked on her in tissues tops showing her belly and tight ass bootlegged leather pants. I just can’t. In case you think im being too harsh and judgy and not giving her a chance because of her debut , take a young trip to your local dvd store and get her Denise Richards/Neve Campbell inspired film Lost and Delirious and hopefully you’ll understand that the HFPs choice in this is exactly that, LOST AND DELIRIOUS FOR DAYS!


127 Hours
The Kids Are All Right
The King’s Speech
The Social Network

Now screenplay-wise I am whole-heartedly behind The Social Network! This movie did all kinds of things to me when I was watching. I was with some friends so I had to try to keep chilled but I could not function. It was AMAZEBALLS! But I’ll get there later when we discuss the actual movie as a whole.  One of the things that stood out for me the most was the screenplay! This movie is so well-written, im blown away. But im also a die-hard Sorkin fan. He always finds a way of delivering sharp-edged work that cuts and stings. The script itself gives the actors so much to play with that its difficult for it not come across with as much vigour as it does. Even though, there was debate about the accuracy to truth about the film and events in the film with the actual moments in Mark Zuckerbergs , that’s the beauty of  art and film and writing in particular. It’s not a bio-pic so, it doesn’t have to be. Real life tends to hinder how far the writer can go in developing the characters anyway, so once again I am thoroughly impressed and love this movie to death. I do still think they’ll give it to The Kings Speech. They love that old-school Kenneth Branagh type stuff.

Aaron Sorkin far right. JT is not playing with his look. Fresh to def.



Scott Caan –  Hawaii 5-0
Chris Colfer – Glee
Chris Noth –  The Good Wife
Eric Stonestreet – Modern Family
David Strathairn –  Temple Grandin

This is an interesting category for me this year.  Chris Colfer no doubt sings his ass of and does really good work on Glee, it seems like art imitating life(if it isn’t then he’s even better than I originally thought. His character developed nicely in Glee and the second season really did him justice. Good stuff. BUT Cam, my dearest Cam is pure and utter perfection. I know when i refer to an actor more as their character than their actual selves that they too good for words. Eric Stonestreet has Cam in Modern Family down to an absolute tee. I don’t understand what he could do any differently. So I definitely want him to win. I do however think that with Hollywoods obsession with homosexuality though, it will result in Chris Colfer winning, which is still not a problem at all, so good luck to both. I can’t wait to hear the winners speech now. Amazeballs!

Chris Colfer from Glee

My man Cam



30 Rock
The Big Bang Theory
The Big C
Modern Family
Nurse Jackie


Biutiful (Mexico & Spain)
The Concert (France)
I Am Love (Italy)
In A Better World (Denmark)



Despicable Me
How to Train Your Dragon
The Illusionist
Toy Story 3

Something tells me Toy Story 3 is gonna win, even though it really shouldnt coz it’s not even close to the first one and they shoulda just stopped making them. Ruining classics: Common mistake of the money-obsessed big studios. Despicable Me was stunning. Animations keep getting better and the writing always intrigues me. Too clever.


Hayley Atwell – Pillars of the Earth
Clare Danes – Temple Grandin
Judi Dench –  Cranford
Jennifer Love Hewitt – The Client List
Romola Garai –  Emma

I’m not really too touched about this category considering I havent watched any of them, but I am appalled at the Jennifer Love Hewitt nom. I’m beyond perplexed. Clare Danes and Judi Dench must be dying, asking themselves what they did to deserve such for their talents. I’m sorry ladies. The HFP is playing games with you.


Annette Benning – The Kids Are All Right
Anne Hathaway –  Love and Other Drugs
Angelina Jolie –  The Tourist
Julianne Moore –  The Kids Are All Right
Emma Stone –  Easy A

This is a tough one. Annette Benning is consistently launching actresses with her amazing grasp on her characters and Julianne Moore is also good, even though she’s made some blunders that ill never forgive. Emma Stone is great but a little out of  her league and Anne Hathaway(granted she’s also blundered hard but redeemed herself tremendously) is my favourite. Seen the preview to this flick and her and Jake excite me in this. So I vote her.


Johnny Depp –  Alice in Wonderland
Johnny Depp –  The Tourist
Paul Giamatti –  Barney’s Version
Jake Gyllenhaal –  Love and Other Drugs
Kevin Spacey – Casino Jack

Thank god Johnny was nominated for two because if it was just The Tourist I would have died. He no doubt, was a thousand timed better in Alice yet he was extremely charming and adorable in The Tourist. The latter however was such an underwhelming film, im shocked for days that it even got a nomination. I mean, Angie and Johnny are no doubt amazeballs actors but this film failed me. So Jake it is for me, see above.

Anne and Jake.



Christian Bale –  The Fighter
Michael Douglas –  Wall Street 2
Andrew Garfield –  The Social Network
Jeremey Renner – The Town
Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech

This one is such a tough one, I honestly don’t know who the HFP will choose. All the actors are just so good. Too good actually. My favourite is Michael Douglas just because he reprised his role in a film I loved and did it justice. Wall Street 2 was really good for me. Definitely not better than the first one but still good. The Town was such an intense movie. Wow.  The men definitely brought it in this category. I’m stumped.


Amy Adams – The Fighter
Helena Bonham-Carter  – The King’s Speech
Mila Kunis – Black Swan
Melissa Leo – The Fighter
Jackie Weaver –  Animal Kingdom

I havent seen Black Swan yet, but the trailer was sick. But I mean, DUH, Natalie Portman is the best of her generation. But I do think the industry is in love with Black Swan so that’s why Mila Kunis stands a good chance. If she does win however, I cant wait to hear her speech coz she gives me such, girl-like-us vibes, like she’ll say stuff like dude and have a seemingly unhinged thank u speech coz she didn’t expect it at all. Helena Bonham-Carter is still amazeballs though so she’s my bet.

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis

Helena Bonham-Carter in The Kings Speech



Steve Buscemi –  Boardwalk Empire
Bryan Cranston –  Breaking Bad
Michael C. Hall –  Dexter
Jon Hamm –  Mad Men
Hugh Laurie – House

As much as I love House, I personally don’t think Hugh Laurie should bust on this one. The HFP is clearly in love with him though coz she staaaaays getting nominated. It literally feels like he’s been nominated since 1944 when this honk started. That being said, JOHN HAMM FOR PRESIDENT! Come on, this is not debatable. Btw, Breaking Bad does not bust. Just thought I’d throw that in there.


Darren Aronofsky –  Black Swan
David Fincher – The Social Network
Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech
Chris Nolan –  Inception
David O. Russell –  The Fighter

Now this is where I bust for Inception. Direction-wise I would hands down give this to Chris Nolan without flinching. He killed it. I think Aronofsky will give him a run for his money but I still think he’ll win. Its Inception dude.


Alice in Wonderland
The Kids Are All Right
The Tourist

I don’t think there’s much competition here either. Maybe Alice but I still think and want The Kids Are All Right will win. Once again, im astonished at The Tourist. Like seriously, whats going on here? NO NO NO! I’m starting to think that the HFP are actually crushing hard on Angie n Johnny. That must be it. They were probably like “We havent seen our favourites together, lets give em more money to come out of their European hide-outs and give them a Mr and Mrs Smith sequel with basically the same elements and cash in. Recession over, lets make paper!” If that wasnt the studios thinking then im side-eyeing them harder than hard.


Boardwalk Empire
The Good Wife
Mad Men
The Walking Dead

Easy! Btw, I tried The Walking Dead which was nuts and im even more confused that a show with 6 episodes can even be nominated. *side-eye*


Halle Berry –  Frankie and Alice
Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole
Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone
Natalie Portman –  Black Swan
Michelle Williams –  Blue Valentine

Dont think I need to say much. Halle, fall back. Sorry. I obviously want Natalie to win but the way I feel critics are just loving Michelle in Blue Valentine, something tells me she might snatch it. If she does, I wont even be mad coz she’s really good and you know, coz I still miss Heath.

Michelle and Ryan – Blue Valentine



Jesse Eisenberg –  The Social Network
Colin Firth –  The King’s Speech
James Franco –  127 Hours
Ryan Gosling –  Blue Valentine
Mark Wahlberg –  The Fighter

Now I cant say this enough, The Social Network was BRILLIANT! The combination of the writing and Jesse Eisenbergs portrayal of his character are just harmony in every way. This guy, Jesse Eisenberg is not even that huge and his resume is not even close to the level of work he produced here. He legit made the movie what it was. His acting was beyond superb. Im watching out for him now. I mean, really. The fact that people hate him now coz of how he did Zuckerberg is enough to let us know how much he busted. People legit think that Zuckerberg is a colossal douche 24/7. Good work. Even Zuckerberg himself said he wished it would have been done after he died, coz he nailed it.  Look, by no means am I discrediting the other actors though, lets not get that twisted. James Franco is really really good(even though there something about his voice or the way he speaks that bugs me out), Ryan Goslings emotional grasp on his characters is sick, he just seems so passionate and attached to all his work and Marky Mark is Marky Mark, I mean, enough said. But I still think Colin Firth is gonna take it. He is amazeballs though, shame. But for this year, we all know its meant for Jesse Eisenberg.

Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network

Marky Mark busting himself in The Fighter


Black Swan
The Fighter
The King’s Speech
The Social Network

This makes my heart heavy coz every single nominee is a heavyweight in this ring and they all sick so I can’t choose. I want it to be The Social Network, but I also recognise that Black Swan and The Kings Speech are clear favourites and that Inception(even though with regard to Leo, I thought Shutter Island had me more involved) having been the ginormous success that it is can’t be ignored and that The Fighter is somewhat of the underdog (and we all know what happens with underdogs). Dayum. I’m stumped. My heart and mind cant agree. But if I was to go with heart, I’d say The Social Network. I’m sorry. I cant help it. I like my movies meaty, drowned in sharp, crisp dialogue and leaving me with some form of baggage.

Now that we’re finally done, all I can say is, tonight(in America) but tomorrow (In SA) is D-Day and I cant wait! Ricky Gervais is gonna be entertaining us as the host so im ready and hope y’all are too. 8pm on Mnet, Monday. Do best for yourself and watch.


Win. Fight. Conquer. Thrive. Win. Survive. Prosper. Rise. Fly!

Heres the thing: the inception of this blog brought a lot of things to mind with regards to how much I would reveal and how I handle the content. I had initially decided that I was not going to get too personal , in the sense that I would not use it as a diary of any sorts but more a platform to my passions. However, I must make an exception in this case because I feel so strongly about this.

I have an issue with certain artists when they become famous, depending on who they are of course. If the media instantly becomes obsessed with them and they become overnight celebrities and all of a sudden all their singles and features are on heavy rotation and MTV etc are flighting their videos 24/7 I tend to get over them. saturation ya know. So I like to take a break and wait till the hype has relatively died down.

Enter Nicki Minaj.

This girl came onto the scene and instantly became the new Barbie. The new Lil Kim (unfounded theory, the media must get over that quickfast), the new the new the new! So she’s hott and visually entered the scene in the era of the Kim Ks so the masses are enjoying her bootyfull sex appeal and she clearly like to play and experiment with her look so, Barbie Minaj it is. Accepted. Cool. Thanks. But then came the imminent topic of her talent. The thing is, she made it somewhat difficult for me sometimes coz she was featuring on everyones dam tracks and some of them were just literal nuts , eg. Will.I.Ams – Check It Out and that raggaeton one that was in all the clubs. What she did solidify initially was that she is talented. She held down the fort nicely with the Young Money crew when Weezy was “loooooocked up” *akon voice* and showed us that she could definitely spit. Shes also very animated in her voice and facial expressions which for an aspiring artist like myself was god-sent! literally! I die for artists that take themselves there. It shows a sense of playfulness and confidence with themselves and their talent. Not conforming to the standard template. I like that.

“I am not a word, I am not a line
I am not a girl that can ever be defined
I am not fly, I am levitation
I represent an entire generation” – Nicki in Fly

So yes, Nicki had these elements going for me, and I thought I found my new excitement, but then she became that over-saturated type and I wasnt connecting with a lot of the tracks so I took a backseat and thought I would wait to listen to her debut offering when im ready. Well, the day came when the festive hype died down and I was left with myself, my thoughts, aspirations, immediate goals, putting those goals into fruition, and all the heaviness surrounding the mind of an ambitious, impatient, hungry, eager and concern-ridden 20-something dying to get her career off the ground.

With all the things ive been through recently in my life, a lot of plans were stopped in their tracks and I really had to find that strength in me to go at life on my own and decide how I was gonna do that, who was going to come with me (figuratively of course), just everything in general, how I was going to move forward positively. Challenging doesn’t even begin to describe how its been, and the way with which I handle my challenges has been the big learning curve that’s caused a paradigm shift for me mentally and emotionally.  In 50 Cents book with Robert Greene “The 50th Law” it basically starts off  explaining how with most successful people on earth, a monumental obstacle/hurdle/challenge which had the potential to break them became the defining moment that turned everything around and injected them with the determination to do and become better.  He said in most cases it’s the death of a relative or the new life of one or a complete turn-around in circumstance. This has definitely rung true with me and I completely relate to it, which is why I hold that book to dear to me.  I feel I am at that point where im ready to turn all the pain and loss and hurt into success. One can want it forever but really doing something about it is the difference and I can feel that difference in me. I’ve learned that even those you thought would support you till death, sometimes can’t do that. And that that’s okay. It’s not their job to get you there, it yours.

This is where Nicki and Rihanna decided they were going to win me over WHOLE HEARTEDLY and they did. Being 2 of the highly successful people 50 and Robert Greene are clearly talking about (not literally, relax), they made a track that speaks to me on such an intrinsic level that I have found myself consistently getting emotional every single time I listen to it. Literally, hear me when I say, every single time, which is a lot because its been on repeat for daaaays now. It must be a combination of the timing (the moment in my life im hearing it, the beginning of a year im trying to make things happen for myself) , the obvious uplifting and motivating content and the melody and harmonies that go so beautifully with both their energies.

Tweetpic of them on set of the “Fly” video

Rihannas vocals have improved tremendously and she’s become way more confident in experimenting with her range on her latest album which I can do nothing but give props for, because she’s such a hard worker and constantly gets better with time, age and practise. So amalgamating the two on this record for me was just pure genius. I could not be happier.  The song is a wonderful balance of Nicki being vulnerable and honest while still maintaining her tough girl edge. It’s just done in a perfect way. Rihanna on the other hand absolutely flys(excuse the pun) in this chorus. One of the best she’s ever given us: She Soars!

With Rihanna being the style icon that she is and Nicki being the formidable force that she is, the two create an absolute powerhouse of a track, and I for one am extremely grateful for that. I originally felt that way about Beyoncé and Gaga, but unfortunately (as much I loved Telephone with its Quentin Tarantino-esque video and fun) their track didn’t deliver the feminine but positively strong punch in the gut that this one did. It woke me up. I can’t say more. It woke me up. I mean how can you go wrong with me Nicki with opening lyrics like “I wish today it will rain all day,maybe that will kinda make the pain go away, trying to forgive you for abandoning me, praying but I think I’m still an angel away” . Lastly the sublimanl punchline : “but when you go hard your nay’s become yay’s, Yankee Stadium with Jay’s and Kanye’s”. Honestly, what is this woman tryna do to me?

So, with all of that being said, check the song out. Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna- Fly and decide for yourself. The way they seem to have made the lyrics fly(especially in the bridge alongside the pianos time to shine) really gets my nasolacrimal duct working. *sigh*

P.S. I’m also happy ive done this review without the video being released yet, because most of the time with powerful songs, the video tends to ruin it. Sort of like reading an amazing book and having the movie be underwhelming( cue in Eat Pray Love. I apologise on behalf of Julia, who really was quite perfect and did the work , Penelope’s man and the whole production crew for doing that to Elizabeth Gilberts moving work. It wasnt horrible, just not enough).

*pensive yet slightly-embarrassed-at-how-deep-I-got wave*

Lavish like Loubi!

I’ve been waiting for the day i get to share the genius beauty and art that is a Loubi shoe! Hands down, Louboutins are the most amazing shoes. Theres something about them, they just really speak to me, they make me feel something. Sort of like when you’re driving somewhere and you’re having an average day and then a song comes on that either takes you back to a good moment or one that just totally changes your mood and you end up getting super hyper and happy. Thats what Loubis do to me! EVERY TIME!

Christian Louboutins signature red sole came into play properly to the world in 1992.  what makes it even more amazing is the fact that the whole red sole came unexpectedly to him. he had designed a shoe and thought it was rather dull and boring and needed some zest and drama so he randomly got some red nail polish n painted the sole. It turned out to be a seriously busting situation with people everywhere busting themselves over it and so he decided to make it his main steeze and that amazeballs idea became what it is now! LOVE!!!!

You know when you have a calling you just have it, and he had it.  He left school super early and got his design hustle on and now look. People have even forgotten about Manolos and Jimmys coz of  the sheer magnitude that is the bustingness of Loubis. Christian has been known to have said that his goal is to “make a woman look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as you can.” No wonder it takes a minute for your feet to break em in properly, coz even your feet know its finna pop off! But once it becomes the jump off, it really changes everything, the way you stand, walk, look, the shape of your legs. Im telling you, Loubis change your life.

So in the spirit of changing lives, or at the very least awakening your senses to some magnificence, i present you the latest line of Loubis from the SS 11 line (Spring/Summer) and some classic favourites.  P.S. Im getting all warm and tingly inside for those of you who are about to be enlightened. *scream*

The Ambertinas (Khloe Kardashian has these)

The Calypsos. The booties are hott.

The Mago with mirrored tip

The Toutenkaboule Cobra

The Ulona 140

The classic bow tie bust (my girl Anita has these)

The beige Madame Butterfly booties


The Change of the Guard in blue suede

The Let-Me-Tell-You booties (MY BABYS! I got these ones 🙂 )


The Clou Noued Spike heels (Beyonce n Kim K got em)

These gold booties are stunners! trust!

The Greissimos

The Jade Patent Biancas

The Leather Thigh Highs

The Piece of Shoe in pink. These were limited edition and proceeds went to charity.

The Patent Barbie Shoe. It was first released at Mattel (company that makes all the most famous and successful toys obviously including Barbie n Ken and the Kimora doll.

The Maggie 160s

The Mavela

The Pigalle with the right accoutrement of course 🙂

Cant remember what these are called but they bust. (Rihanna stays killing it in these ones)


The Wedding Shoes!

Basically what happens in this situation is a dream come true! If you’re “that” girl u can get Louboutin himself to personally autograph the with your name and the Loubi signature!


I’m done!

*wave* (aint nothing royal about me after what i just posted)

Keeping up with the shore!

With the news year comes new episodes of shows, new seasons and just brand new shows in general. Being an addict to reality shows myself (with no shame might i add), excitement doesn’t even begin to express how i feel about whats about to happen in my life. Jersey Shore Season 3 is back!  I’ll give those 20 somethings who still hold onto the wild life a quick moment to digest what ive just said. What this means is, for those who have just graduated or are embarking on the much dreaded adult working life, they can take their minds off the harsh reality of their now not-so carefree and alcohol induced lives for an hour each week and enjoy some mindless nostalgic entertainment!

Jersey Shore became my guilty pleasure quickfast. The moment i saw the first episode i knew i was gonna be addicted. i mean really, as a young 20 something, the idea of a whole lot of strangers(with a common theme, this being their Jersey-esque guido guidette lifestyle) living together for a summer vac and essentially just going buck, appealed to me. “What kind of a person are you?” i hear some judgy high-strung cultural snob mutter under their breath? I am someone who went to a uni that had the same type of small community everyone-lived-together in and very near to campus vibe ( google Greek the tv show).  Therefore not only do i find it highly entertaining watching strangers who become a forced family, drink and party too much, berate and love each other at the same time in drunken slurs, BUT it immediately forces my ever-so-active imagination to conjure up slow-mo montages and vivid stills of how a Jersey Shore setting in South Africa, namely at UCT , would inevitably be! NOTHING SHORT OF HILARIOUSLY GENIUS AND INSANELY DRAMATIC! Maybe even somewhat scary and too-much for tv actually!

With that being said, by no means would i suggest or imply SA channels implore such an idea coz at the end of the day, we are NOT American, and SA audiences are quite prudish and judgy, especially the older ones about exposing a not so clean and positive image of the youth( that is, unless its in an anti-government rant hosted by the ever so delightful and charming *cue in sarcasm and sour-puss face* Deborah Patta.

Newhoo, point is, bring on Jersey 3… my girl JWoww needs to regulate more and im dying to see what flames Ronnie dishes Sammi this time or if he grows a pair and actually decides to be a real man in a relationship. Does Snooki finally find a boy she doesnt have to give rohypnal(sp)(date-rape drug) and does Angelina actually attempt to stay the whole time or even pitch? Does Pauly D try and not sleep with other random hoes while he has a stunner wifey type gal literally charmed by him? And does Situation finally getting over being a snitch-ass-bitter-ass-white-Kunta-Kinte-Jamie-Oliver-cooking man and find a girl her doesn’t have to be rude to when he’s not getting the attention he so desperately craves? The fact that we’re about to find out, makes my lady parts beep. PLUS, last nights season 3 premiere of the show was the most watched series telecast in the history of MTV, boasting an average of  about 8.5 million viewers. So essentially, haters can fall back!

P.S. Incase you’re confused as to who the random you don’t know is, that’s the new Angelina basically, Deena Nicole (hmmmm, pornstar  name much?), and her face screams DRAMA. She best not disappoint.

Now that the best news has been delivered, i might as well just add that The Kardashians, who essentially were just handed cashmoney for daaays by SAB to literally go to JHB/DBN n CPT and sit in little “vip” sections(which look like ur mamas couch) and grace us with their presence for and hour then bounce and complain about how badly they need to get home and how stranded in Cape Town (arguably the most beautiful city in South Africa) they are, are just adding to their reality tv shmorgasboard and giving us 2 new variations of us watching them look amazeballs in items we stay dreaming about and hustling for. Jeaaalous much? YES i am actually!

So yeah, we gonna get Kim and Kourtney Take New York , obviously because Kim likes EVERYTHING (besides what she should be liking, like maybe a man who loves her and wants to settle down. oh wait, she had with Reggie but she was too focused on her bentley-sized money making ass) and Kourtney just trying to make Scott more and more of a hubby(which will never happen coz he’s a retarded  version of Chuck Bass on an off-day). Thanks but i just don’t see how it could be better than Miami considering Khloes not even in it, and we all know she’s the reason we watch coz she busts hard!

Speaking of the amazeballness that is Khloe, E! is gonna give us another young spin-off Kendra nd Hank style and hit us with Khloe and Lamar! Oh how the money tree keeps churning out Benjis for this armenian family. Personally, im keen for Khloe and Lamar, especially considering they are super cute together  and actually seem to be genuinely in love. That could also just be my sickening obsession with inter-racial couples and athletes clouding my judgment, but, whatevs! Either way, I am too keen.

Love these two….too cute for words.

*royal wave*

Chanel 2011 Cruise Collection!

If at any point anyone is confused as to what investment pieces are necessary in their closets, look no further than the genius work that is Chanel. Im literally obsessed with Chanel bags and Karl Lagerfeld is just too good to be true. The man really just knows his stuff. So being the person that i am, i found it fitting to let you all in on my favourite designs from the Cruise Collection, which is delicious.

This is nothing new but Blake Lively, who plays the most annoying character on Gossip Girl, Serena, is the face and spokesmodel of Chanel which is perfect coz those Mademoiselle bags are stunners and so is she. Her character never fails to just amaze the english out of me with those ensembles.

Newhoo, below are  a few of  my faves and depending on your style and personality, work in almost every colour. Personally i feel, a Chanel bag with Loubies (Louboutin shoes) can make any outfit pop. But  then again, im not normal so each to his own.

Some of the Mademoiselle cuties

Cute cruise clutch

Perfect for a chilled day outfit, got a cute sling effect

Okay seriously? Beyond Beautiful. With LBD and nude shoes? PERFECTION

Has a fanny-pack vibe but in a ultra glam way!

Stunner!!! Statement purse!

How stunners are those bags? Aaahhh! They take me to a really happy place. Who needs a man when you got the right shoes and bags? 😉 Btw, it just dawned on me that not everyone knows what a cruise collection is. A cruise collection is ready-to-be-bought-and-worn items the designers of fashion houses release as a inter-season collection once their 2 major season collections have been released. Back in the day, they used to be for the old money ballers when it was cruise season, literally, as in when they’d go on vacation cruises to busting islands with their men before a major summer season. Nowadays, its just for us to bust at and buy inbetween seasons. Holla!

In addition to the genius design work Karl Lagerfeld does, this whole festive season, everytime i was out , i would be treated to fashiontv on the plasmas in clubs and restaurants and they seemed to love the Pirelli calender more than me coz it was literally on repeat all the time.  So the Pirelli calendar is called Mythology by Karl Lagerfeld and its pretty much self explanatory. For me what stuck out the most was the fact that Julianne Moore went there with her fabulousness and unique beauty and absolutely KILLED it!

For the full calendar check out:

Very soon ill be posting an entry about all my fave Chanels EVER and a special on the most amazeballs shoes ever created: Loubies! Till then, Enjoy!


*english wave*

Starting the year off on that good good.

So, first real post of the year is for the MOST part on a musical tip.

Basically, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are dosing us with a young item that clearly lets the world know what it is that solidifies their bond as peers and musicians. ha.  Either way, its been done right and im feeling good about it (seems most of the tracks im feeling lately center around the same thing, purely co-incidental, i swear).  But yeah, either way, these two need to make more music together because im completely feeling this pairing. The track is called That Good, apparently its gonna be in a new movie they doing together(uh oh!). I love my rappers but we all know they launch when it comes to movies, except for the odd few like Luda n Em n Mos Def. Newhoo, with lyrics like “dont gotta understand, they know
I smoke that fire that good that good that” its quite evident my homies were busting hard over themselves in studio high as ever.  But i do feel like Khalifa should jump on Kush with Dre n co and do another remix. Personally i say a Kush remix with Dre, Snoop, Wiz Khalifa, 50, The Game and Eminem would be FIIIIYYYAAA.  I don’t understand how they could wrong with that.

With that being said, after I went to the Rick Ross concert on the 29th (which essentially was amaaaazeballz for days), ive become an even bigger Rozay fan so when I heard Pandemonium i was like, okay, thanks boo, keep doing you, to my man Rozay. While im at it, seeing as this is a new blog, i might as well elaborate on the beauty that was his show: 1. he has MADD swag, yep, swag, in other words, hes sexy for days in attitude and energy! 2. even though he kept us waiting for hours on end (apparently due to management and promoter issues) , he killed me performing most of what i needed to hear! He didn’t perform Live Fast Die Young though which hurt but he pretty much did everything else, even the verse from Devil in A New Dress which impressed me. ROZAY!!! YOU  BUST!

Lastly, I thought I might add, how im finally happier with Gossip Girl now because there’s gonna be a new black girl on the scene, and this one is actually gonna have more of a pertinent role than that other wallflower trick(can’t even remember her name), who looked like a random and then tried to prove to us that she wasnt by being LL’s girl in that video where Daddy LL was looking scrumptuous as ever, “Baby”, I think, with ungrateful man-whore The Dream. Yeah, so here’s the new black girl on GG and lets hope she busts and doesn’t do nuts. I’m crossing fingers and have hope though coz she’s got scenes with Nate so im guessing its gonna be on n cracking 😉

Big thumbs up to GG producers for finally seeing the light and doing best for us in 2011. Neway, poll time. Hollerbeezy and tell me how u feel bout it. Cant wait for new season at the end of the month, no nuts please writers! Thanks!

*royal english wave*